Bio Based,
Carbon Captured earth2earth® Sacks, liners and films

earth2earth® Bio-based Carbon Captured is our 100% recyclable film made from the ethanol produced from sugarcane — this amazing material stores 200kg of Co2 for every 1000 kg of product produced. TUV certifies the film for its bio-based content and The Carbon Trust for its carbon footprint.

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Made from sugarcane
Bio-based and 100% recyclable
Carbon Captured

Features and Benefits

Sustainable and Renewable

Manufactured using high-performance HDPE produced from plant-based ethylene that captures carbon. Indistinguishable from fossil fuel-based plastic and can be 100% recycled with normal fossil fuel-based plastic.

Removes Carbon from Atmosphere

Carbon footprint is Minus 0.2Kg per Kg. from cradle to gate, removing 200Kg of carbon for each tonne of material produced.


Three-layer co-extrusion reduces the thickness and increases strength using less material.

Manufactured from Sugarcane 20KG Drop Tested 100% Recyclable Multi-payered: less plastic, more strength Carbon Trust - CO2 Measured: -0.2kg per kg TUV Austria: S0117 OK biobased
20KG Drop Tested Multi-payered: less plastic, more strength Compostable TUV Austria: S0117 HOME OK compost TUV Austria: S0117 INDUSTRIAL OK compost

Applications & Solutions

Stock Lines include Refuse sacks, recycling sacks and liners.

Bespoke products include Food packaging films and bags., carton liners, Stretch wrap etc.