earth2earth® Sacks, liners and films Bio Based,
Carbon Captured

earth2earth® Bio-based Carbon Captured is our 100% recyclable film made from the ethanol produced from sugarcane — this amazing material stores 200kg of Co2 for every 1000...

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earth2earth® Bags, Sacks, liners and films Clearly Superior Compostable

earth2earth® Compostable Film is 100% compostable and is a unique blend. A unique blend that’s highly waterproof and heat resistant. TUV certifies our products as complyin...

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earth2earth® Degradable

Plastic, because of its molecular structure, takes a long time to degrade. Tests can give an idea of how long it takes even though plastic has not been around for that long (...

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Finalist in the 2020 Green Awards in two categories: