Bags of distinction: SFA National Small Business Awards article in the Irish Independent

Thorn Environmental was born out of one family’s desire to keep the planet safe for the next generation.  Established in 1997, there are now two generations of the Thorn family working in the business, with a  third expected to follow soon. A previous incarnation of the company was the first to launch refuse sacks on rolls on the Irish market. A re-assessment of its operations in the mid-1990s saw a strategic shift  towards the production of eco-friendly packaging and waste management solutions that were in line with the EU’s new environmental action programme, now known as Agenda 2030.

“Environmental legislation provided the initial spur to realise opportunities that may not have been spotted if it didn’t exist,” explains company director Adam Thorn. “We have subsequently been able to carve out a niche for ourselves via a combination of macro-environmental analysis, innovative thinking and ongoing R&D investment to create a product range that meets all consumer and legislative requirements.”

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Two directors, Myles Thorn and Adam Thorn, from earth2earth and Thorn Environmental, respectively, stand in a warehouse. They are in suits and are proudly presenting their new innovation: Bio-based Carbon Captured light blue sacks.

Finalist in the 2020 Green Awards in two categories:


Finalist in the 2021 Pakman Awards
in the category: